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The important info

Desk made from reclaimed scaffold board wood. These desks are made up of multiple boards glued together to make a solid piece, no gaps in between to collect dirt and crumbs. Finished in a hard-wax-oil  these are incredibly hardwearing and easy to clean.

Select from the 7 colours we offer and a multitude of leg options we provide.


Standard desk height of 74cm.


Scaffold board characteristics -

The wood we use on all of our furniture is reclaimed scaffold boards. These have led colourful lives on building sites across the country. We buy our boards kiln dried, this means it will limit the warping and splitting that you may witness on some other reclaimed wood furniture you have seen but will not eradicate it completely. We advise you to not place your furniture in close proximity to a high heat source like a stove or in a greenhouse as the fluctuating heat can dry out the wood very quickly, potentially causing splits and warping. Each board is completely individual and as such will take on different characteristics once oiled. There may be colour variations between each board. Some boards may have saw, burn, rust, screw hole marks which all add to the quirk and character of this style of furniture. The nature of this material means it will move slightly over time but is more susceptible to dramatic heat changes so bear this in mind when you think about where the furniture will live in your home. If you're after an immaculate uniform Ikea style aesthetic then we may not be the furniture maker for you.

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