Care Guide

Care Guide


We want your furniture to be a statement in your home for many years to come. Our handmade furniture is hardwearing and forgiving in most environments. Here are a few ways you can aid the longevity of your furniture.


  • Do not place your furniture in direct sunlight, if the furniture is in direct strong sunlight, closing curtains during the day if possible will prevent the wood from bleaching and drying out too quickly.


  • Don’t have the furniture too close to a strong heat source. Having real wooden furniture too close to a woodburner, radiator or other heat source can pull out any moisture in the wood too quickly which can cause splits or bowing of the wood. 


  • We recommend cleaning your furniture with our aftercare solution. This is purposely made for oiled and waxed interior wood and will clean and moisturise the wood protecting the finish from wear.


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