Terms & Conditions

Outhouse is the trading name of Outhouse by Hand LLP.

Outhouse creates industrial and reclaimed furniture.

Outhouse uses reclaimed and recycled materials. Reclaimed wood is hand picked for its quality and character. Due to the nature of these materials no two products will be the same and will have their own unique qualities, this includes but is not exclusive to colour, stains, marks, and branding. 

Materials used are treated with our signature process to enhance the character whilst maintaining the nature of the of reclaimed materials. 

Outhouse cannot guarantee that furniture will not change in shape or size over time due to the nature of the materials used. The materials used can and may be prone to movement depending on the atmospheric conditions in which the product(s) may be used, supplied and or stored and will depend upon their usage.

Quotes provided by Outhouse will stand for 30 days. The price beyond this time period cannot be guaranteed due to the fluctuating price in material costs. Outhouse reserves the right to amend quotations due to this fact.

Bespoke orders from Outhouse must be secured with a deposit. Work on bespoke orders will only be started once a deposit has been received. All deposits paid are non refundable. 

Outhouse will if necessary carry out a site visit. During this site visit measurements will be taken in relation to the bespoke order. The measurements and requirements will be signed off and agreed to by the client.

Where a site visit is not permissible, Outhouse will require measurements and requirements to be given by the client. Outhouse is not liable for the accuracy of measurements supplied by the client.

Should the measurements change retrospectively Outhouse will not be liable for these changes.

Where making good is required or amendments made to installations due to incorrect measurements provided or third party trades interfering with the installation area between the site visit and installation a fee of £65 an hour will be charged for the amendments required.

If certain materials that form part of the commission are no longer attainable, the client will be notified and a suitable replacement will be sourced. This change in material will be agreed by the customer before any further work is carried out.

Should the client change their mind or cancel once work has commenced during the project, the client will be liable for the full price of commission and any additional changes to the brief.

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