Is your current setup a couple of Ikea Kallax units with wires everywhere and completely the wrong height for your playing style, giving you back ache? This is a great cost effective starter unit for your DJ equipment but lets face it, it's not the sleekest of looks and when the majority of set ups consist of thousands of pounds of equipment we want to create something stylish that shows them off whilst also being a beautiful piece of furniture in your home that everyone can enjoy.

Creating a dedicated space in your home for your DJ setup is becoming a huge hit for our customers. Investing in our bespoke DJ booths means a sleek looking piece of furniture with flush fitting equipment, cables hidden from sight and ample storage for your vinyl collection. Our customers say they choose us as the units become a focal piece of furniture whilst also allowing them to play at their preferred height, with all cables hidden from sight.

Each one of our DJ units are built from scratch in our Milton Keynes workshop. As each unit is bespoke, this means you get to choose every aspect. Off the shelf setups available tend to come at a set height but with our units you specify the height you’d like to play your turntables so its tailored perfectly for your playing style.

A lot of our DJ booths end up pride of place in open plan kitchen/diners although some customers have a whole music room all to themselves. If you’re opting to have your unit in an open plan environment, we have options like sliding doors, cupboard doors or drawers to store away your vinyl collection or opt for our open unit to celebrate the beauty of your vinyl collection.

Starting at £1999 including delivery and installation you can then tailor your unit to meet your needs. Options such as speaker mounts, CDJ mounts, Laptop stands are available to add to the unit. You can also add metal feet to increase that industrial style or even opt for heavy duty castors that offer flexibility of moving your unit with ease.

So how does it work?

You can see our booth builder by clicking here.
Here you can select all the options to get an idea of price.
You can then fill in the form below and from that information we can create a 3D sketch to show how your unit would look with your desired dimensions. Cant decide which colour option to go for? We offer a swatch pack so you can see the colours in the flesh. Order one here

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