What a crazy few years it has been with changing work habits due to the pandemic. We have seen industries move away from big corporate offices to more people working from home. Not only are companies saving money by not having big offices any more, studies show that productivity on the whole has risen. People are claiming back the work life balance by having hugely reduced travel time, a 3 hour door to door trip to the office may now be a four step walk from the kitchen to the dining table.

Working from home looks like its here to stay for a lot of us, with that in mind its important to make our work environment somewhere that is functional, somewhere that excites you to work but most importantly given that its in your home, it needs to look amazing.

So how big is your new home office? Do you have a tiny corner of the dining room? Are you stealing that alcove in the spare room and sharing the space with the spare bed the cats like to sleep on? Or have you the ultimate luxury of having a whole room in the house or even a garden room devoted your new home office? Whatever the space you have, we can help you achieve somewhere that you're happy to be.

So what makes the perfect home office space?

A lot of our clients have opted for a strong bold colour in their office space, a dark shade can add a sense of moodiness and warmth or go for a light shade to create space and light into the room.

Lighting is also important, not only does the right lighting mean you have a easy working environment, it also means you can add mood lighting with lamps to transform the room if you're using the room for multiple uses, a nice place to snuggle up with a book perhaps.

Storage is another important factor to bare in mind. Depending on your line of work you may just have a notepad and a laptop or you may have cupboards full of files and equipment that need to have their own home. For our more bespoke home office builds we have added drawers and cupboards to the desk as well as creating separate cabinets to hide away all the uglier aspects of working from home.

If you're working from home, chances are you'll be sat down by the computer a lot! For that reason a comfy chair is a must! Whether it be a traditional office chair or a more relaxed armchair style, find something that works for you, you're going to be sat there for many hours over the years! As all of our desks are made by hand we can make the height the perfect height for your working conditions.

We live in a Zoom world these days where having your picture perfect background is another thing to think about. Our reclaimed wood shelves make a great backdrop. Trailing plants, books and maybe one of our homeware items like a candle or one of our signs can add a sense of your personality and fun.

So how can we help you achieve your desired result. Starting from the most cost effective option. If you have a small narrow alcove you can purchase one of our table tops to make opportunity of the alcove. This way it fits inside the alcove and you can choose the height you require.

The next option would be a freestanding desk, we offer multiple leg choices and 7 colours so we should be able to find a solution that works for you. The beauty of a freestanding desk means no attaching to the wall so perfect for a rental property.

Another popular choice is our pipe desk with pipe shelving over the top. This is a popular choice for a wall to wall set up or fitting inside a narrow alcove. Add a touch more interest and have a built in light to the shelving pipework where all the cables are hidden within the metalwork.

Now if you're fortunate enough to have  a whole room designated to your home office set up we can get really creative with your space. with a whole room to play with a lot of our customers opt for a made to measure desk that spans an entire wall. You may not think you need all that space but having a large desk with plenty of open space can help it to be a calming workspace. The other added benefit is you can share the desk space with your partner if you're both working form home or even your children if you want a designated homework space. If you opt for a wall to wall desk you can then add cupboards to hide that ugly printer and drawers for all those smaller bits you want to hide away. Add some reclaimed wood shelves and some plants and you have the ultimate home working set up, it also means if everything is tucked away out of site, the room can be dual purposed as a place to read, practice the guitar or even just sit and catch up on your latest Netflix binge session.

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