Our Story So Far

I launched Outhouse as a business around 3 years ago now. The story behind the name is a simple one really. Our house is built in 1863 and would’ve been the farm house for the workers. The building in the garden would’ve been the old wash house or “Outhouse” this is where my first “workshop” was. A tiny space of no more than 9ft square. Since then as the business has grown I  progressed to a garage but nowadays I have a large 1300ft purpose built workshop which means I can now make large bespoke commission and create my off the shelf homeware items in my professional workshop.

We have big plans for Outhouse! Now I’m full-time I can get items turned around quicker, I’ll be creating new and exciting items for sale in the shops and extending my product range as well as growing the bespoke furniture builds and that side of the business.


If you follow us on Instagram you can see more behind the scenes content and you may recognise our French Bulldog, Frankie. He spends most of the day in the workshop warming himself next to our stove or basking in the sun outside.