By Hand

Our products are made by hand with care and attention, using traditional methods. You won't find any mass produced products in our workshop. It means that no product will be the same and your purchase will be truly unique. Some of our tools have been handed down through generations, they still do the job just as well.

Industrial Spin

Whether you choose one of our products for your home or office we like to put our own stamp on products to give them that urban and industrial feel. We don't like to over engineer our proudcts, leaving you to appreciate the simplicty and beauty of the materials.

Responsibly Sourced Materials

 Our products are inspired by the environment we work, in so it makes sense for us to look after it so future generations can enjoy it. From the materials we choose to work with and where they are from, to how we deal with waste. We heat our workshop on off cuts and give back to the environment wherever we can.

Bespoke Orders

We don't just make the products you can see in our shops. We work in partnership with small to large businesses as well as our regular customers who come to us with their ideas for something special. Whether its an idea or a shop fit, we can make it a reality.